About Me

Linda and Slinky

Hi, craft lovers!! Again,

I want to share more about myself and how I became an Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.

I am James’s mother and Sean’s supportive wife, who backs me in everything I do.

I started my journey when James was in high school, and I had big changes in my life. My dream of being a Primary School Teacher was over because of my health and other obstacles that stopped me from reaching this goal. Then, I needed something to channel my energy and creativity into. I began making cards in Blenheim after attending a workshop with Tracy to meet people with the same interests and learn new skills and techniques (Which I am still learning, and we can learn together).

I had doubts that I couldn’t do it; I am not creative, I have trouble with colours, and well, you may know more—ALL excuses used not to try things out!!! I am telling you, you can do it!! Why not try one of the kits that will have most of what you need?

Then we moved to Invercargill. Sean built our new home, and I became an empty nester. So, I lost contact with my monthly fix workshop with Tracy and stopped making cards.   But recently, I remembered that I could still do what I loved and share with others, and so Risk-ey Zone Stamp and my journey as a demonstrator started. After I contacted Angela from Stamp with Angela and ordered some items, she invited me to join the team as a demonstrator. Now, I can craft and buy as much or as little as I want and pass my knowledge and skills on to others.

Other hobbies I enjoy are sewing; I am currently working on learning to sew and make my patterns (I got fed up with things not fitting well and being uncomfortable), painting and public speaking (LOL). I know I can’t speak (because of a physical issue). However, I was involved with Toastmasters until recently and took on roles as member VP ED President, Area Director, and Division Director.

I also enjoy cross-stitching and needlework, but Stampin’ Up! is my favourite when I am feeling low and need a boost. I think stamping is for everyone, young and old, male and female. It is easy to do, and you don’t need much space. You can do a great job in 10 to 15 minutes, depending on what you do and how detailed you want to be.

I have spent my adult life dealing with challenges around my permanent paralysis and, more lately, my loss of ability to speak. But!! This has only inspired me to keep doing what I love and use this as my motivation to stay positive. I also have a big craft room (to my husband’s dismay!!). But he is nice and has a lot of patience, and he builds and changes things to help me with my crafts.

Sean and Linda

Sean and I were married twice. Because our families were in different parts of New Zealand, mine in the North Island and Sean in the South Island, we decided on having two weddings: one on 1 January 2010 and the second on 6 March 2010. Both ceremonies were great, with friends and family making them special days.   

I want to tell you more about my family and my wonderful care support team and husband encourage me daily to achieve my dreams and goals.

Sean My wonderful husband

Sean is a qualified builder and is currently working with AWF in Invercargill as it gives him flexibility around work as he engages and negotiates my health conditions.  He built our house and did an amazing job trying to make it fit for purpose around my disability. Although we have a few areas that don’t work well, the house is perfect overall. This is his second home. He designed and built the first home in Blenheim was built before he met and married me.  I am so proud of him for the way he accepted my flaws and warts and all.   I know adjusting to the new lifestyle he faces daily has not been easy. He not only took me on but my awesome son.

James and his fur baby

James is my only child. He had a hard early childhood because of my difficulties but he has been a great and loving son. Even though he has moved out and lives in Te Awamutu, he makes me happy. He used to be friends with Sean, but that changed and now I don’t see him as often as I want. He helps me with my technology problems, and he is patient with me. He is very happy with his partner Tylar, who is in this picture with him.

Tylar and James

Tylar has been helping me reach out to a wide community through social media. I am truly blessed to have this help.

Slinky in the craft room

Then Slinky joined our family when Midnight left us during lockdown in 2022. Of course, these are our beloved fur babies.

Midnight 2022

   Slinky likes spending time in the craft room with me on his blanket or overseeing me as I try working on the computer or at the craft table.  He is very helpful (not) when I am trying to do my cross stitch sitting on my knee at night.  Slinky also loves the camera.

Midnight was adopted or dropped into the family when a friend decided to pick him up from an elderly woman after James and I showed interest in having him. To the dismay of Sean, who found out when he returned from work to find him in the bathroom, although James and I wanted him, he became Sean’s best friend. 


Glenn and Lisa are my Support workers who do a wonderful and helpful job. I feel in the last few months, the working relationship has changed, and maybe it is because my communication is difficult, and I feel I am bothering them when they are helping around the house. But I really appreciate them and all they do for me and Sean. They help with the tidying up of my crafting time, which I really do appreciate. They are more like family and friends instead of support workers. I am very fortunate to have them in my support network.

One of my favourite crafts is making cards for groups and individuals. I love using the Stampin’ Up! tools, and now, in 2023, I am starting my journey as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator.

Join me online or by booking a session to see how you can use these amazing Stampin’ Up! tools to create beautiful craft and art pieces. It is also a great way to share ideas and experiences!!

Join me in crafting.

Linda Barnes

For information, contact me via the site’s contact form or email.