Paste Embossing

Paste Embossing is Place a stencil on your paper, fill the design with embossing paste, and air dry. With Paste Embossing, the paste dries quickly, and I don’t think it needs to be dried with a heat tool, but others have.  The choice is yours.Paste Embossing is a technique used in paper crafting, where a stencil is placed on the paper, and then the design is filled with embossing paste. The paste is left to air dry, and once it dries, it creates a raised, textured effect on the paper. The advantage of using Paste Embossing is that the paste dries quickly, so there’s no need to use a heat tool. However, some crafters prefer to use heat to speed up the drying process. Ultimately, the choice of using a heat tool or not is up to the individual crafter.